Jalebi is a very popular dessert in South Asia, West Asia and even northern Africa. The pretzel and circular shaped dessert with a sweet taste can either be served cold or warm. The preparation procedure of this orange delight is a little complicated in comparison to other types of desserts because of the frying and dipping in sugary sauce technique. Preparation of the batter can be easily done if all the correct ingredients are available.

Essential aspects of Jalebi

  • There are different kinds of jalebis available. Some are made with khoya, some with besan, and some with a mix of flours too.
  • In order to get the perfect shape of Jalebi, it is essential to swiftly move your hand in circular motions.
  • This dessert is so popular in India that sweet shop owners put the making of Jalebi on display with a person always making Jalebis due to the high demand.
  • The taste of jalebis differs from one state to another. For instance, in Uttar Pradesh, you can find sweetest of jalebis, while in other states, you can taste mild sweetness.
  • This is one of those desserts that can be easily prepared during festive seasons in order to feed family members and guests.

There are two common means of preparing Jalebis at home, one is the traditional method and the other is the method using the instant Jalebi recipe which is ready to fry. People opt for the instant method if they do not have the luxury of time or find it difficult to prepare it.

Following the Basic Jalebi Recipe While Making it at Home !

The tradition recipe is the best way to begin the learning process because it allows you to control the amount and type of ingredients that should be used. A tempting, homemade, hot plate of jalebis gives a luscious taste when it is combined with chilled rabri or hot milk. There are three stages of preparing a jalebis – the first is preparing the batter using the right consistency, the batter is then used to make circular shapes and deep fried, and in the final stage the fried jalebi is coated in sugar syrup.

The basic ingredients that are required to prepare it are; all-purpose flour, yoghurt or curd, ghee, sugar, strand saffron, powdered green cardamom, cornflour, baking soda, sunflower oil, water, rose essence, edible and organic food colour. These are the basic ingredients but some people who like to experiment with flavours can try adding or replacing these with others if the combination fits the dessert jalebi recipe.

It is important to remember that jalebis can be crispy and hot just when taken out of sugar syrup. However, if they get cold or people try to heat it again, they can get a little soggy. There are certain techniques that can help you in preserving the crispiness and taste without having to compromise. The best way is to use a convection microwave instead of a regular microwave to retain the crispiness.

 In standard microwaves, the jalebis should be reheated for 15 seconds and not more to avoid sogginess. Dipping the jalebis constantly in hot sugar syrup can also help. So, what are you waiting for? Make jalebis and enjoy with your family.