Nutritious Low Sugar Snacks for Kids You Can Buy Online             

Packaged foods are literally everywhere, making snacking easier than ever. They are inexpensive, convenient, and come in a lot of varieties. However, when it comes to raising healthy children, the biggest challenge that parents face is navigating the grocery store for low sugar items. Meghana Narayan and Shauravi Malik were no exceptions when they became parents. Ingredient labels and nutrition tables always caught their attention while looking for safe and healthy snacks for kids. What they found is that the options for ready-to-eat, preservative-free, healthy snacks for kids in India were limited.

This, combined with a determination to launch an Indian, trust-worthy, ready-to-eat, nourishing snack brand for kids, led to the birth of Slurrp Farm in October 2016. All their products are made from 100% natural ingredients and crafted keeping the kid’s unique nutritional requirements in mind. This means no artificial preservatives, flavors, and colors: low added sugars and absolutely no junk whatsoever! Plus you don’t have to forego convenience to make your kids eat healthy as you can order their nutritious low-sugar snacks for kids online from anywhere in India.

Here is a list of kid-friendly snacks that are both delicious and healthy:

Slurrp Farm Cookies: Ragi and Chocolate

Ragi, a gluten-free cereal, is loaded with numerous health benefits. Although the ingredient might not taste great in its plain form, it can be made as tasty as it is nutritious with a little bit of experimentation. And no, you don’t have to do that yourself. Presenting Ragi and Chocolate Cookies by Slurrp Farm that are a perfect concoction of gently roasted ragi, whole-wheat flour, real butter, cocoa and the tiniest hint of cinnamon. Your little ones would absolutely love these healthy ragi snacks! As mentioned earlier, they don’t have any preservatives, artificial flavors, colors, trans fat and are low on sugar. What else can one ask for?

Slurrp Farm Mighty Puff: Choco Ragi

Do you dread the inevitable snack battles with your children and their desire to munch on something that’s sweet and comes in fun shapes? There’s a solution! Slurrp Farm’s mighty puffs are fun, starry-shaped snacks with a yummy chocolate flavor that your kids would love. Made with ragi and jowar, these puffs take your stress off when searching for a healthy treat for your kids. You can give these to your kids as a munchy snack or serve it as a crunchy breakfast cereal with a bowl of milk. Being low on sugar and made using natural ingredients, Mighty Puffs by Slurrp Farm also serve the purpose when looking for ready-to-eat healthy travel snacks for kids.

Slurrp Farm Millet Pancake: Banana Choco-Chip

When it comes to classic staple snacks, pancakes are hard to beat. It is one of those dishes that isn’t only amazingly healthy but also manages to satisfy sweet cravings better than any other snack. Also, there’s something about munching slightly sweet, chewy bites that kids just love. Filled with the goodness of super grains- Amaranth, Foxtail Millet, Oats, and Jowar, mixed with some yummy choco chips and natural banana powder, these Millet Pancakes by Slurrp Farm nicely blend nutrition with taste. They literally melt in the mouth and can even be prepared by kids.

Snack time is a perfect opportunity to sneak some extra nutrients to your kid’s diet and the ones by Slurrp Farm won’t make you feel guilty even a bit, while also providing energy and nutrition.