A lot of people who face problems related to stomach and intestines often take a medicine called Zantac. This is a famous medication which is known to decrease the production of stomach acid in the body. It is highly known that it cures problems like ulcers, gastro esophageal reflux disease, zollinger-ellison syndrome and heartburn etc. But according to FDA it is reported that Zantac has an active ingredient in it which is known as NDMA. The level of this ingredient is about 3,000 to 26,000 times more than required standards.

However, there are 150 milligram of Zantac has over 2.5 million of nanograms NDMA which is a threat to the lives of the people. It Increases the risk of cancer in the body. This can be explained as NDMA contains heptotoxix and leads to symptoms which are related to bladder cancer, liver tumor, stomach cancer, kidneys and lungs cancer etc. Whereas, other symptoms are enlargement of liver, nausea, jaundice, dis-functioning of lungs, kidneys, headache, vomiting etc.

According to WHO, NDMA is purely cancer-causing. Therefore, it is essential for the users to quit the medicine if they see any such symptoms. Most probably such symptoms can be seen after high dose of the medicine. But it is always better to consult a doctor in an hour of need.

How to fight against Zantac?

It is better to file a Zantac lawsuit by the people who have faced symptoms of NDMA. The people who have taken Zantac and are diagnosed with stomach cancer, bladder cancer, lung cancer etc. can fight against Zantac. Here are some of the benefits of lawsuit against Zantac:

  • The expenses of medical which are results of an injury.
  • The sufferings, which includes both mental and physical which a person face due to treatments, hurtful injuries and the period of recovery.
  • The benefit of wage loss, the capacity which a person has lost for earning.
  • The damages which leads to no life enjoyment.
  • Retaliatory damages.

Filing a stronger litigation against the manufacturers can help a person get back the money which they have spent on the purchase of medication Zantac. This will later on help in ensuring that there are protections for consumers, updating in the labeling and recall of the drugs which have higher level of NDMA in it.

There is hardly any difference in filing a Zantac lawsuit. It is similar like filing a personal injury lawsuit. Therefore, it is suggested that a person must go through the whole process of civil litigation before taking any action.

The first step of filing Zantac lawsuit is to hire a personal injury attorney who is experienced about drug litigation cases. An attorney will guide a person about the whole process including the collection of evidences, assessment of damages, compensation etc. But if a person has died while on Zantac then is suggested to consult wrongful death attorney.


It is always better to stay aware and seek knowledge about everything. Therefore, filing a lawsuit with the help of experienced attorney is the best decision one can make.