Cookie jars are found in kitchens all over the world today, being a trusted, affordable and convenient food storage item. Yet, it has come a long way, undergoing several iterations, making the cookie jars of today distinctly different from their original forms.

The Invention of the Cookie Jar

Brush Pottery of Zanesville, Ohio was founded in 1906 by Mr. George Brush who produced the very first ceramic cookie jar. Cookie jars that were developed throughout this duration by this business were considered as unusual products that several collectors would come desire. This classic variation of the cookie jars are currently heavily searched for as an unusual antique pottery that has excellent value as an art form.

Rising Popularity in the 1920s

The popularity of cookie jar skyrocketed in the USA during the 1920s. As a result of the reasonably low cost, individuals began to utilize it as a storage product to store cookies and various other non-food relevant items.

Besides finding a useful storage space, there was a pattern among the Americans to use cookie jars as a type of aesthetic element in their houses. They often displayed the cookie jars and their contents in living rooms or at other visible spots around the home. This created an aesthetically pleasing look and a homely feel.

However, the design of cookie jars from the 90s soon lost its appeal with the younger generations. For that reason, bigger companies within the pottery and glass markets had to adapt to the patterns and designs of the changing settings around them.

This reinvention and rebranding of cookie jars led to them beginning to transform into more innovative choices that appealed to people. In particular, an introduction of various shapes, colours and sizes would be done in order to give users better options and utility. This has resulted in the cookie jars that we know and love today.

Introducing Novelty Cookie Jars

A variety of cookie jars that have been produced in recent times come from pop culture references. For example, their design would possess strong associations withlandmarks, music, cartoons, movies, celebrities and even memes. These associations form an emotional stimulation to potential buyers in order to encourage purchase.

At the same time, such designs make novelty cookie jars a popular gift among family and friends. Picture consuming a tasty cookie and reusing the cookie jar designed in the form of the statue of liberty or the Red London Phone Booth. You would certainly be having no shortage of interesting conversations starters with guests while also giving your space’s interior design theme a boost.

Lastly, many cookie jars are now made in accordance with standards that make them environmentally friendly. This allows a long usage and a reduction in the need for consumption or constant purchase of new jars.