Not just with your cooking, you can even surprise your guests with the knowledge you hold about the different gourmet dishes and the origin of the ingredients, and how and why they are considered unique. For example, a lot of people spell foie gras as foi gras which is wrong all along. This makes it very difficult for them to find a good recipe while google searching. Thankfully the technology development gives more way to voice searches and thankfully all the wrong spellings are pronounced the same way (/ ˌfwɑː ɡrɑː /). All it takes is little effort for you to update your knowledge.

Foi Gras: What It Means

You will be surprised, but the word foi in French means faith or belief. It means the religious belief that you hold and it has nothing to do with the meat. It is all about adherence to any human ideal. Using foie and foi interchangeably is thus very wrong. 

And there are other wrong spellings too…

Fois Gras

Fois means counting. One, two, three, and more. It has nothing to do with meat. You see just a difference of one single word changes the meaning of the entire word in French and thus you should carefully learn the right spellings of these gourmet dishes to truly impress your guests.

Foix Gras

This one is the closest to the true meaning of foie gras or rather we should say it defines the feeling or taste of this excellent dish the best. Foix means excellent. And thus, it was also adopted by the southwestern department. Honestly, a good piece of foie gras does deserve to be said foix, and not many people would mind you using foix instead of foie. But be technically correct and use foie and not go overboard with the use of wrong French words.

Instead, go for the right one…

Foie Gras

Foie meaning liver has originally come from the Egyptian term “ficum” which means figs that were feed to the geese. The word ficum became foie and liver later as people started using it more often. In some other languages, the liver is also called secure which comes from Latin but it never picked up like Ficus which is still in use meaning liver figs.