Every year, numerous cases of workplace accidents are reported in Arizona. A workplace injury can cause unbearable suffering and trauma to the victim, besides obvious consequences like wage loss and increasing medical bills. The workers’ compensation system is there to help victims in such cases, and the law is meant to be simple and easy. However, not all victims of workplace injuries get the compensation they deserve. In this post, we are sharing more on the benefits of hiring a Tucson workers compensation attorney.

  1. You can have a definitive idea of what your claim is worth. An attorney will consider all possible aspects that may influence your compensation and will use the law for your benefit.
  2. Your attorney can deal with the insurance company. Insurers do their best to pay the least possible settlement, and without an attorney, you may have to settle with what is being offered. Allow the legal team to negotiate things on your behalf, and they will ensure that the final settlement is worth the effort.
  3. Your attorney can also represent you in court, if needed, to prove the matter. They will also ensure that all future needs are considered. For instance, if the injury is likely to impact the work you do, they may even consider social disability benefits.

In many cases of workplace accidents, a third-party may be involved, and your lawyer will decide if a separate lawsuit should be filed against them. Expect your lawyer to answer all your questions, and they will ensure that the paperwork with regards to workers’ compensation claims is done right, so that petty mistakes don’t impact your chances. In some cases, your employer can be held liable for your condition, and your attorney will help you decide on the course of action, depending on the seriousness of your injuries.