For the unversed, a urologist specializes in treating conditions related to the urinary system and male reproductive system. Women may have to see a urologist too, for conditions like urinary tract infection, urine incontinence, and overactive bladder. Many people do feel overwhelmed and anxious while visiting a urologist for the first time, and that’s completely normal. As long as you know what to expect on your first visit, you should be fine. In this post, we are sharing the experience of first appointment with a urologist Brooklyn New York.

  1. The initial paperwork. The first appointment with a urologist is always about paperwork. If you were seeing another urologist before this, you may be asked to bring previous reports and medical papers. You will be asked to complete a form, which will note down your symptoms and allows the urologist to have a brief idea of your condition before the appointment.
  2. Sample. The next likely step is to give a urine sample. We recommend that you have a full bladder before heading for a urologist. Make sure that you follow the instructions as directed.
  3. Meeting the urologist. You will get a lot of questions from the urologist, who will want to know the possible reasons for your symptoms. Following this, you are likely to be escorted to a medical examination room, for physical checkup. Men may have a prostate assessment, depending on the symptoms. Your urologist may recommend a few tests to know your symptoms better.

Once the reports are ready, you will head for the second appointment, when the urologist will discuss the diagnosis and overall treatment plan, depending on the symptoms and results of tests. You can also discuss all your concerns and ask questions at this point. Visiting a urologist is no different than seeing any other doctor – just ease and relax.