If you have suffered an injury because of someone’s misconduct, carelessness, and disregard for safety norms, you may have a personal injury claim. In New Jersey, the statute of limitations allows victims to file a case within two years from the date of accident. However, you shouldn’t wait until the last minute. To prove your case, you have to gather evidence, which may mean finding witnesses and records. Find a Bayonne personal injury attorney and meet them in person to understand your case better. In this post, we are sharing more on things to know about meeting an attorney in Bayonne.

Be honest

Even if you believe that you may have part fault in the accident, let your personal injury attorney know of the same. Just like you wouldn’t want to hide facts from a doctor, you would want an attorney to have a transparent idea of the case from your side, so that they can take action accordingly. Share everything you know, to get honest feedback.

Discuss the costs

Some personal injury attorneys charge a part of the compensation as their fee, while for others, you may have to bear the retainer costs. There are also additional expenses that are often required in such cases. Ask the attorney about the expected costs, and what to expect in terms of compensation.

Ask about the process

To file a personal injury claim, a considerable amount of paperwork may be required. Ask the concerned attorney if they are going to do the work themselves or assign a junior. You should also have a clear line of contact with them, so that getting updates is easy. Don’t shy away from asking about the possible outcomes.

A good personal injury attorney should be able to handle matters in court, if things don’t get settled through negotiation.