Slip & fall accidents are often complicated for victims to prove, because it must be established that the premise owner was negligent with regards to safety. The victim must also prove that the injuries are a result of an accident that occurred because of disregard for safety and adequate measures. If you were injured within the premises of a business and believe that you deserve to be compensated for your injuries and losses, you should contact an Atlanta slip and fall attorney. The role of a slip & fall attorney is often understated. In this post, we are sharing more on the benefits of hiring one. 

  1. To negotiate with insurance companies. Businesses and insurance companies often try diverse tactics to reduce their blame and liability for slip & fall claims. Without an attorney, you may have to settle for an amount that’s much lesser than what you deserve. A good attorney will work in your favor, and they will ensure that the amount accepted is at least close to being fair. 
  2. To handle things at trial. While most cases related to slip & fall claims are settled outside of court, there is still a chance of trial. A good attorney will have the necessary courtroom confidence to fight the lawsuit and get a fair compensation, if negotiations don’t go through. 
  3. To reduce stress. The impact of a slip & fall accident can be severe, and if your injuries are serious, you probably need a lot of time to recover. By hiring an attorney, you can reduce the stress associated with the claim. Your attorney will ensure that all the paperwork and related processes are done right. 

Finding the right attorney

One of the key tasks is to find a slip & fall attorney who has the time and expertise to handle your case. We strongly suggest that you ask around for references, but if that’s not an option, you should consider checking online, as most reputed law firms in Atlanta have their own websites. Make sure that the attorney who is representing you has the experience of slip & fall cases, and they should offer a clear overview of how much you can get in compensation realistically, along with the possible outcomes. Also, do check if the slip & fall attorney has experience of trial and if they can take things to court, if needed. 

Find and shortlist a few slip & fall attorneys in Atlanta now!