Occasions and festivals are the best opportunities to tell your loved ones that you care. Only the name of an occasion is enough to experience party jitters. While making arrangements for party bash, we take care of everything from guests list to décor to menu to return gifts. But, cake is something for which we give extra attention to detail. Why not? Afterall, cake is the centerpiece of a celebration. Cakes infuse the right spark and cheerfulness into the celebration. The yummy cakes satiate taste buds and set the right mood of all the guests.

Let’s understand in detail why cakes are the inevitable part of every occasion and celebration:

  1. Get customized according to the occasion: The cakes can be easily customized according to various occasions like – birthdays, anniversaries, baby shower, engagement, weddings, Mother’s Day and Valentine’s Day. For example – If it’s your little daughter’s birthday, then you can order a Hello kitty cake to make her feel special or a Spiderman cake to let your young chap feel great on his birthday. Prince and princess theme based cakes are the best cakes to surprise your loved one on your anniversary. While heart shaped cakes from the best cakes for Valentine’s Day. Undoubtedly, cakes add the flavor of occasion to the party and spellbound everyone for lifetime.
  1. Form the best sweet treat: No celebration is complete without a sweet treat. Cakes are the best sweet dish to satiate taste buds. Their yummy taste makes a person feel on cloud nine. You can order the cake as per your choice or your loved one. There are a lot of online cake shops in Delhi and  the local shops which offer a variety of flavors – butterscotch, chocolate, vanilla, caramel, strawberry, black forest and many more. Though, online cake order in Delhi is better than local shops as it helps save time and efforts. Some of the renowned websites even offer same day cake delivery.
  2. Get everyone around together: More than cakes, people are more excited about the cake cutting. Cake cutting gets everyone together. A person blows out the candle, cuts the cake, and then all the guests gather to sing a song to give out the lovely wishes to the person. Everyone shares the cake together, spreading the lovely vibes all around. This makes a picture perfect moment to be remembered for a lifetime.
  3. Suit all age: Cakes are the favorite dessert among all ages. Be it a small kid, middle aged person or an elder, everyone enjoys a cake. It is not just the beauty of cakes that bring the right happiness, but its sumptuous taste is beyond any pleasure. When the soft whipped cream and spongy layers melt into the mouth, one experiences the heavenly feeling which is simply unexplainable.
  4. Create an element of surprise: You will agree that whenever you visit any party, be it a small or large, you must always be obsessed about the cake. The guests keep guessing what would be the shape of cake, color of a cake or design of a cake. This creates an element of surprise. Most of the websites also offer midnight cake delivery to give a wonderful surprise to your loved ones in the middle of the night.

In today’s fast paced time, we rarely get time to spend with our loved ones. Occasions are the best moments to spread love and happiness with our dear and near ones. Cake forms an integral part of the parties, owing to the happiness and excitement. It sets the right craze among the guests and holds on to the mushy moments that remain close to our hearts for a longer period of time.