Whether you come from another state or are a true Delhite, almost everyone here is passionate about food because the national capital is quite the epicentre of delicacies from around the country! From the Kachoris of Rajasthan to the Phuchkas of Bengal – the vibrant streets of this beautiful city are adorned with the best dishes we could have ever asked for, and more. While there are several places to eat in Delhi, it is a must to try out a mixture of both street joints as well some multi-cuisine fine-dinings! So, whether you are a foodie visiting Delhi or simply want to experience a range of delicacies – you’re headed to the right city! To help you out here, we’ve listed down a few for you.

Devour a plate of chole poori at Bille Di Hatti

Too many travellers come to Delhi, gobble on every street food in sight and end up falling sick – don’t be one of them. Instead, opt for Bille Di Hatti! If you want to experience its sheer excellence, make it a point to order a plate of chole poori – believe us, it’ll be a life-changing experience for you too! This legendary joint can be found in the streets of Kamla Nagar. However, here’s the catch – if you fail to reach before 1 pm, chances are that you might not be able to taste their delicious food. So, don’t risk it – be on time!

Gorge on Butter Chicken at Punjab Grill

Let’s face it – Delhites take a lot of pride in being the city that invented Butter Chicken, which is a tomato-based chicken gravy recipe which has just about enough butter to satisfy a hungry army! While there are more than one pocket-friendly, convenient ways to enjoy this dish, if ever you are in Delhi, you mustn’t miss out on visiting Punjab Grill and gorging on their delicious Butter Chicken. Being one of the best Punjabi restaurants in Delhi and located in Select CityWalk, Saket, it is like a place of worship for foodies!

Chill having Pastas at The Big Chill

Who doesn’t love Pasta? But if you’re a Pasta-fanatic and want to try out some lip-smacking dishes at the right place, The Big Chill is your place. Considered as one of the best lunchtime spots in Delhi, this Italian restaurant is a fusion of both Italian and Indian flavours. There will always be that one dish at this place that will make an impression on you in the most unique way. Well, whether you’re going ahead with the red wine chicken with spaghetti or Formaggi Pizza – you’re in for a flavourful ride!

So, whether you are headed to Lajpat Nagar to grab a bite of some crispy Moong Dal or to Chittaranjan Park to taste some delicious street food – you are definitely in for a memorable and an even tastier experience.