Officially opened on 4th January 2010, the Burj Khalifa is the tallest building in the world. It has a total of 162 floors and stands at the height of 2,717 feet. The building was designed by a Chicago-based architectural firm and is one of the wonders Dubai has to offer.

The building houses a variety of hospitality, commercial and residential ventures. Further, Burj Khalifa holds the record for being the tallest building in the Middle East and the world.

Therefore, it is a significant tourist attraction as tourists flock to Dubai each year to look at this marvel. You should also not be left behind.

Here are more reasons as to why you should visit Burj Khalifa at least once in your Life:

  1. See the tallest building in the world.

Burj Khalifa is undoubtedly the tallest building in the world. Its construction commenced in 2004 and halted in 2010. It is taller than the Shanghai Tower, which is the second tallest building in the world.

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  1. The observation decks

Being the tallest building in Dubai, Burj Khalifa has observation decks that offer a great view of the city’s skyline. There are three observation levels you can choose from. The first one is level 148. From here, you will get an incredible view of Dubai and have an ambassador who will guide you through as you have this experience.

The other two levels are 125 and 124. From these two levels, you will get to use a telescope and have an even better view of the Arabian Gulf. You will also get to use one of the fastest double-deck elevators in the world.

  1. Dine at the world’s tallest restaurant

Burj Khalifa offers a wide range of dining options for the public. For instance, at level 122, there is the At. Mosphere restaurant that offers a great view of the city. Also, you will get to enjoy dinner while enjoying the fantastic view of the Arabian Gulf.

Further, this restaurant has delicious cuisine options that will be sure to tickle your taste buds.

  1. The Dubai Fountain

A visit to the Burj Khalifa is not complete without a visit to the Dubai Fountain. It is a show that combines music, light, and water.

The Dubai Fountain is located at Burj Lake and is also the tallest performing lake in the world. Further, the fountain is also a major tourist attraction because of the modern and classic Arabic music it performs.

The Dubai fountain has two performances on Friday at 1330 hrs. and 1400 hrs. Unlike the Burj Khalifa, entry is free of charge, and you will get to have fun.

  1. Experience the cultural diversity

Statistics have it that Dubai’s population is largely made up of expatriates. 85% of the population are expatriates. Therefore, it beats other cities like New York and London in terms of cultural diversity.

That means that the level of cultural interaction in Dubai is absent anywhere else in the world.

After visiting Burj Khalifa, you will interact with various people from other parts of the world. one can liken it to an anthropological journey where you travel the world right from one place!

  1. Powerful fireworks display

The Burj Khalifa is indeed a sight to behold. During important events such as the New Year’s, Burj Khalifa produces a powerful firework display as the people usher in the new year. The presentation of the fireworks is impressive and inspiring.

Also, the Burj Khalifa can choreograph various lighting sequences. The building was constructed with 868 stroboscope lights that enable it to produce multiple sequences at any given time.

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  1. Safety

Burj Khalifa is a beautiful creation, but it would not be frequented by tourists if it were not safe at all. The tower was constructed with reinforced concrete that paid attention to its weight and height. Therefore, there are no issues such as cracks that would ever come up.

Further, the air conditioning in this building is well taken care of. Thus, you need not worry about the quality of air circulating in the tower.

However, there have been several death cases recorded at the tower. One case was from a tourist who committed suicide from jumping off a high point, and the other was from a worker who fell during its construction.

  1. Enjoy a tray of dates and Arabic sweets in the lounge.

As you wait in the lounge for a tour guide, visitors are given a tray of dates and sweets to chew on. It is a wonderful deed, especially for people with a sweet tooth. The Arabic sweets are also delicious and will have you craving for more. In addition to the tray, visitors are given a cup of Arabic coffee as they wait on a tour guide.

  1. The Dubai Mall

If you are ever around the Burj Khalifa, visit the Dubai Mall. It is one of the largest shopping malls in the world. It sits on 1.2 million sq. feet, and the interior floor area is 5.9 million sq. ft. The mall also has over 1200 stores that sell various products and over 200 eateries to choose from.

Burj Khalifa’s accolades

Many tourists visit this building because of its numerous accolades and world records. It is not only the tallest building in the world but also has six other records. They include:

  • Tallest freestanding structure
  • Highest occupied floors
  • The highest number of stories
  • Elevator with longest travel distance
  • Tallest service elevator
  • The highest outdoor observation deck


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