Unless you’ve been living under a rock for the last 5 years, you will already be aware that craft beers are now readily available, with many small microbreweries that offer a range of premium craft beers at affordable prices. The NZ government have always supported local enterprise and small groups of brewers can receive financial support if they set up their own microbrewery.

Great Combination

When looking at the beer market, taste is everything and the NZ beer drinker knows what he wants and craft beers are brewed using old European recipes with locally produced ingredients, which is a winning combination. Whether you are into cold pilsners or traditional pale ales, the microbrewery has you covered.

Supporting the Local Economy

As the business grows, it requires more employees to keep up with the demand and as far as the beer drinker is concerned, craft beers win hands down when compared to the multinational corporation produced beer. Work out your weekly beer bill and rather than giving the big boys more profit, support your local community by ordering craft beer online.

Market Forces

The market always decides what sells and what doesn’t and when the beer drinker suddenly has a choice of a wide range of locally brewed craft beers, the local produce usually wins. If you have yet to sample fine craft beers made here in NZ, a Google search will help you find the website of a local microbrewery and you can order a mixed selection box. When a beer drinker discovers craft beer, the first thing they do is tell their friends and it doesn’t take long for good news to spread.

Drinking at Home

While there has always been a group of hardened beer drinkers who have a full fridge at home, the pandemic forced many beer drinkers to change their habit and once you’ve tried craft beer, you won’t want to revert back to your old brew. This resulted in many drinkers ordering fine craft beers online, which has really helped the local businesses. Spending more time at home ultimately involves a few beers in the evening and if you are planning to host a party to celebrate the end of the pandemic, why not order the beer from a local microbrewery? A few slabs would be enough for a few mates coming to watch a football game and why not introduce them to great beer?

As long as they continue to produce premium craft beer, the small microbrewery has a rosy future and as they develop new beers, they are added to their growing list of fine craft beers that you can buy.