Most Popular Types Of Pasta

Pasta is a trendy food, and many people around the world consider it their favorite food. It is a source of energy and is delicious food that people of all ages consume. There are several types of pasta. While some are consumed as an everyday meal, some others are reserved for special occasions.

Like many other foods, pasta has its benefits which the consumers enjoy. Some of these benefits are low Glycemic Index, folic acid, sustained energy, low sodium, cholesterol-free, and a balanced diet.

As a popular and well-loved meal, considered nutritious and healthy, different types of pasta have been invented by pasta makers. This has added a variety to this popular dish and has made it more available. This article discusses some of the most popular types of pasta in the world today.

  • Spaghetti

This is well-known around the world and is the most common type of pasta. It is many people’s favorite and is especially loved by kids. It is the most cooked pasta globally and is available in most eateries and restaurants around the world.

Spaghetti pasta has a yellow color and is made into long strands. Pasta makers have now created veggie spaghetti as well for health purposes. This pasta type goes well with several sauces, but the best is meatballs and the red sauce. That’s the traditional pasta sauce, and it remains the best one. It remains the classic spaghetti sauce that many kids love.

Spaghetti with tomato or meat sauce is likely to be the most popular pasta serving ever.

  • Fettuccine

This is another popular type of pasta with long strands, similar to spaghetti, but with broader width. It is also available in many restaurants, but this meal can also be prepared at home easily and is best consumed with Alfredo sauce, chicken, or seafood. However, this pasta also pairs well with cream sauces. Also, because this pasta has long strands, it will combine well with thin spices, and it will soak easily with the flavors of the sauce.

  • Macaroni 

Macaroni is also a very popular type of pasta and is one of the most popular foods for many children and many families. This pasta has a different kind of appearance from the first two mentioned. It doesn’t come in long strands. Instead, each one is a short and C-shaped tube. It is also straightforward to cook and typically doesn’t exceed 6-8 minutes while cooking.

This pasta is commonly served, not only in households, but in restaurants as well. It is also used for cooking soups, making salads, and baking dishes. The ideal sauces for eating macaroni are cheese and butter. It’s an excellent meal to please your kids, especially when you pair it with chicken soup or cheese sauce.

  • Fusilli 

This type of pasta is also known as corkscrew pasta. Fusilli has a thicker appearance than many types of pasta, but its long spirals are one of its most identifiable traits. This pasta also combines well with many sauces, but one of the best pairings is a meat sauce.

Many fusilli lovers also love to pair this pasta with sausage with red chili sauce. One of the reasons it is loved by many is that it quickly absorbs the flavor in the sauce.

  • Linguine

Although it’s not as popular as spaghetti, it has a similar appearance to spaghetti. However, there are two significant differences between these two. Linguine is narrower and longer than spaghetti. Second, this pasta combines well with different types of sauces, so many people love it. Some of the most popular sauces that blend well with Linguine are creamy carbonara sauce and red sauces like Arrabiatta.

  • Lasagna 

This type of pasta is made of flat and large rectangular sheets and pairs well with all kinds of sauce. However, it is mainly consumed with traditional red sauce. This pasta has sheets that are layered in-between the pasta sauces before it is baked. However, these sheets are usually pre-cooked before they are baked with the sauces.

Lasagna is a famous and delicious pasta commonly dished with cheese, meat, and chopped veggies.

  • Farfalle

This is also called the bow-tie pasta because of its shape. The ‘bows’ help hold the sauces very well, making them ideal for tomato or cream sauces with many flavors. Although it is small, it is thick, and this makes it filling. This pasta is available in many grocery stores so that you can try it out.


Pasta is one of those foods that come in plenty of varieties. Of course, there are tens of other types of pasta, but this article mentions seven of the most popular ones.