Management simulators have always been a popular genre in mobile gaming and have stayed the same even after years of advancements in the realm of mobile gaming. Restaurant games, cafe management, chef games have all been part of this particular style of games where a person gets to create and manage his/her own resources on their mobile devices. It all started with restaurant games and has slowly grown and branched into various management as the years have gone by.

Chef games have gained popularity and amassed a lot of followings as a genre and the platform of mobile and handheld divides is perfect for such a genre. There are various types of management simulators available today and restaurant games or chef games are the most prominent in this area.

After the success of Star Chef, the developers have come back with the new and improved sequel to the game, and Star Chef 2 learned from its predecessor and has capitalized on the feedback provided. Manage your own establishment and become a master chef and have experience like none other in Star Chef 2!

The feature-packed experience of Star Chef 2 include:

  • Personalized and customized experience. Make your restaurant truly your own by designing it the way you see fit with various floor decals and wallpaper decoration options.
  • Chat with your friends online by creating teams and participate together in online contests and tournaments.
  • Climb the leaderboards and see who can reach the top of the world.
  • Manage your resources and your farm, catering service, and food truck in this unique blend of genres.
  • A storyline with 80+ story-related quests to give you a more linear experience of becoming the master chef of all restaurant games.

    Cooking games have always been popular in the mobile games market as it offers a good blend of a casual and competitive experience. There is something for everyone in such games.
    If your motive is to effortlessly manage and creatively run your own establishment; the genre is suitable.

If competitive tournaments are your preference such games offer that too.
Star Chef 2 offers something for everyone. Both casual gamers and online multiplayer fans have something to enjoy in the ever-improving world of Star Chef 2.

Restaurant games, chef games, cooking games, and similar management sims are here to stay and are getting better with every new iteration that comes in the market. This ever-growing ecosystem of games offers hours of entertainment and happiness for anyone who tries it. Download Star Chef 2 today and experience it yourself. Born from the feedback and responses to its predecessor, the best restaurant game experience in the market awaits!

Irrespective of the growth in the gaming industry, management games are still a huge hit because of their personalization aspect. Hence, management games are on their ever increasing rise to popularity.