If you’ve ever been to an East-Indian wedding dinner, you certainly wouldn’t have missed the vibrant red, thick pork Vindaloo curry that’s served as the chief dish of the wedding banquet. A fiery blend of garlic, red chillies, and vinegar, the dish is one of the most coveted recipes amongst the East Indian community.

When the Portuguese colonized Mumbai, they brought with them Carne de vinha d’alhos (marinated pork curry) which the local East Indians made into Vindaloo. While the Portuguese used wine instead of water to preserve the meat, the dish used plum vinegar when adapted by the Indians, thus giving the Indian touch to it.

But naturally, East Indian Vindaloo Masala is key to making this tongue-searing curry.

A perfect balance of different spices, Vindaloo Masala can also be used to season vegetarian dishes. So whether you’re in the mood for some pork, chicken or just vegetables, adding a pinch of the East Indian Vindaloo Masala can significantly enhance the flavour of your meal.

Want to taste the fiery flavour of Vindaloo? Here are a few recipes made using Vindaloo Masala that you’ll relish for a lifetime!

Pork Vindaloo

This traditional Pork Vindaloo dish, flavoured with garlic, vinegar and chillies, is a spicy and tangy fusion of flavours. Rest assured, it will leave your taste buds tingling for more! It is both tasty and easy to make, which is a big win for its cooks. However, if you are daunted by the idea of having to gather all the ingredients, don’t worry. All you need is the East Indian Vindaloo Masala online from Aazol. You need to add only this to the meat and cook. Voila! Your dish is ready – serve with steamed rice or crusty rolls and you’ll be good to go.

Potato and Capsicum Vindaloo


The potato and capsicum Vindaloo is simple yet delicious. It is a tasty curry with a coconut milk base that infuses flavours into potatoes and capsicum. Whether you want to cook a quick weeknight dinner or pack a lunchbox for work, add a pinch of the East Indian Vindaloo Masala to chopped potatoes and capsicum and let it simmer for a while. Serve hot with chapati, steamed rice or naan.

Mushroom Vindaloo


The Mushroom Vindaloo is a meatless take on the traditional Pork Vindaloo dish. Drenched in a flavoursome sauce of spices and vinegar, this delicious recipe can even be made with vegetables like cauliflower, onions, or potatoes. Refer to the Aazol website for detailed recipes and instructions on all these 3 dishes. Bon appetit!