Who wouldn’t savour a plate of some delicious Makhani curry? It is perhaps one of the few dishes that unite foodies, whether they’re vegetarian or non-vegetarian. We’re no stranger to North India’s love affair with curries. Rich, creamy, and absolutely delicious, merely thinking of a bowl of butter paneer or butter chicken as part of lunch or dinner can make anyone drool! Typically served with delicious tandoori rotis, jeera rice, or naan, makhani curry dishes have a special place among North Indian households. It’s not only about the ecstatic flavours of the recipe but also about how simple it is to cook.

Toss some chopped onions, tomatoes, ginger-garlic paste, chillies, and a generous spoon of butter into a pan and create a flavoursome tadka. Add the Wingreens Makhani Masala Mix and stir well. Add your main ingredients- chicken or paneer and garnish with fresh cream or kasuri methi. If you really want to take your Makhani curry recipe a notch higher to get that delicious restaurant-like perfection, here are quite a few things that you can do!

Spilling some secrets of cooking an exceptional kadhai of Makhani curries!

Butter up! 

To stir up the perfect Makhani curry, start by stirring up a large tablespoon of butter and two tablespoons of oil. Heat it up in a pan. This is an essential preliminary step to keep in mind while preparing this recipe. This adds the makhani flavour to the recipe, making it even more delicious.

Keep Calm & Don’t Rush

Don’t rush into cooking this recipe. Instead, while you’re heating the butter and oil in the pan, make sure you drain the water and wash the chicken or paneer properly. Make sure it’s properly washed before tossing it in the makhani.

Salt Can do Wonders!

Additionally, you can also use some salt while you’re washing the paneer or chicken for cooking the recipe. The best way to achieve that restaurant-like flavour is to slow cook the curry instead of pressure cooking it. Slow cooking the curry on a low flame in a thick-bottomed pan can help retain all the flavours and make it even tastier!

Cook, Cook & Cook!

Have you cooked the makhani already? All you have to do now is add some more water, ginger-garlic paste, red chilli powder, tomato puree, poppy seeds, cashew nuts, and salt for taste. Mix well and cook for another hour. Hold on, it’s not over yet! Cook for another half an hour after adding a few dollops of butter to bring out the delicious, creamy taste.

Fresh Butter? Yum!

Using fresh butter for your recipe can make it taste even better! So, if you really want to bring forth that restaurant-like taste, add some fresh butter as it can add an interesting layer of flavour. You can also add a pinch of garam masala for taste.

The Secret’s Out!

Want the perfect, restaurant-like Makhani curry at home? Here’s a secret – be it butter paneer or butter chicken – both usually taste better the next day! So if you have guests coming over on Sunday, make it a point to cook it in advance if you can. Also the Wingreens Makhani Spice Mix is the only ingredient special thing you need. It will make your preparation aromatic and elevate your makhani dish in minutes.

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