One of the biggest challenges Americans face is losing weight. Overweight people tend to have more health issues, a shorter life span, and they find it more difficult to enter the dating world. They also face more challenges in the workplace, and they are unfairly judged by others. Nobody wants to stand out in a crowd as the best candidate for doing the “truffle shuffle” at their own expense to make others laugh. As a result, overweight people search for the best online weight loss program that works, and has amazing testimonials from verified users.

This article is intended to go over the types of online weight loss programs that work, and those that don’t.

Online Weight Loss Programs Approved by Medical Doctors

Online weight loss programs, such as WAYT-less by Nu Image Medical, that are medically approved and created by doctors have a high success rate because the right science is applied based on an advanced understanding of how the body digests food and processes fat. Online weight loss programs with prescriptions containing Acarbose, Orlistat, and small doses of Naltrexone have proven to work really well, and in many cases the patient didn’t even have to change their lifestyle.

Meal Replacement Shakes

Some online weight loss programs require people to take fat burners with meal replacement shakes. While you may be getting many of the nutrients, and you may even see some weight loss, you run the risk of increasing your heart rate and developing cardiac problems, and your body may start feeding off muscle mass instead of fat reserves. In fact, bodybuilders have collapsed from taking fat burners with meal replacement shakes, so always consult with your doctor before enrolling in risky programs like this.

Online Weight Loss Meal Subscriptions

Some of these programs give proper nutrition while others don’t. The problem is that it takes significantly longer to lose weight when enrolled in this type of online weight loss program because there isn’t a prescription designed to work with your body to help it better combat fat via digestion. In other words, Weight Watchers and similar plans do nothing to slow digestion.

Online Weight Loss Programs Based on Fitness

Exercise can help with weight loss, but one’s diet and the medications prescribed by a doctor are more than 80% responsible for effective weight loss that will actually last. If you have a Peloton or some other trendy piece of exercise program that requires a prescription, you will actually get better results investing in a medically approved online weight loss program as opposed to simply working out every other day.

Ask Your Doctor

Ask your doctor to refer you to a weight loss specialist, and ask that individual which online weight loss programs will be the most effective. Just remember that medical-based online weight loss programs will always give one better results than some fad diet hyped up on social media.