Asian food or cuisine has evolved over the years. It is primarily based on meats, seafood, rice, and vegetables. If you love meat and have been to one of the best Korean restaurants, perhaps you love hands-on dining.

Korean barbecue (BBQ) is perfect for you, and there is a lot to know. If you are wondering what Korean BBQ is, this article offers all the answers you need. You will also learn how to order your barbeque for the first time. So, keep reading.

What to Know About Korean Barbecue

Korean barbecue revolves around the idea and experience of cooking marinated meat over a hot grill. What makes the whole grilling experience unique is that the process takes place in the center of the dining table. Most reputable restaurants have gas, portable stoves, or charcoal grills built into the tables.

The key elements that make up a Korean barbecue include:

  • Meat– A great restaurant will feature at least one type of meat. It’s upon you to decide to go for beef, pork, or chicken. Go for a good meat marinade for a delicious blend.
  • Ssam– This refers to the meat and vegetables you wrap in leaves. Common choices are lettuce, sesame leaves, or perilla leaves.
  • Sauce– It’s wise to add a sauce to your meat and vegetable wrap. The common sauces will feature different flavors and complementary ingredients. You shouldn’t forget the ssamjang, a dipping sauce you will like.
  • Drinks-You have to wash down the BBQ with a traditional beverage like popular Korean wine, soju, or other drink you fancy.

Another important thing to know about Korean barbecue is that the type of grill and heat will affect the results of your meals. Further, reliable restaurant staff might cook your desired food. Korean barbecue also comes in a wide range of prices thanks to the many restaurants eager to satisfy clients’ needs and meet their budgets.

Ordering Your Korean Barbecue Hassle-Free 

The best way to explore the Korean barbecue is to visit a nearby restaurant or place orders on your favorite picks. Unfortunately, many barbecue lovers don’t know how to place their orders. Well, here is a guide to help place orders for your favorite Korean barbecue.

  1. Know Your Meats

You have to decide which meat cuts to choose and order. Restaurants try hard to cater to customers’ needs and will include every popular meat cut that define Korean barbecues.

  1. Consider the Headcount 

The headcount will help determine the quantity of meat you order. You have to figure out the number of people feasting on the BBQ. This way, you can order as many varieties of meat to share and enjoy.

  1. Let Experts Do the Grilling 

Now that you have the right dishes on your table let the grilling begin. Well, it’s best to let the experts do the grilling once you have selected your favorite cuts. Experts will ensure the meat cuts are delectable for optimum enjoyment.

  1. Try Some Side Dishes and Favorite Drinks 

Get the most out of the experience by ordering some side dishes and favorite drinks to wash down the BBQ. Most definitely have your favorite wine or beer.

Order Your Korean Barbecue at the Best Restaurant 

Not every BBQ restaurant you visit offers unparalleled Korean cuisines. As you plan to order the best Korean barbecue, it’s wise to consider where to order your BBQ.

There is a wide range of BBQ restaurants, but Seol Grille stands above the competition. The restaurant is known for its unique and high-quality meat cuts, side dishes, customer services, and grilling expertise. The menus and barbecue specials are all you need to create an enjoyable BBQ dinner.

The restaurant also hires master BBQ chefs or experts in the culinary world. The restaurant is conveniently located, and the atmosphere is relaxed and friendly. Most importantly, the cost of the meals is fair and reasonable.

For an amazing BBQ experience, don’t have any reservations about ordering Korean cuisines. You will, without a doubt, fall in love with the Korean barbecues and the side dishes served in the restaurant.