Aroma of a fresh pot of coffee is a part of the morning ritual for more than 60% of the world’s population. From the phrase ‘’spill the beans’’ to speciality coffee beans coffee plays a huge role in our daily lives. Whether we live in India, Sri Lanka, the US, Italy, Colombia, Brazil, or any other country, coffee aroma is a fine thread which connects everyone.

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What is whole bean coffee?

Whole bean coffee is the coffee found after processing it in the plantation through one of the methods- traditional washed coffee, sun-dried coffee or honey-processed coffee. It is in the form of coffee beans which need to be ground to be used as a coffee powder. People prefer to go for speciality coffee beans as they are rich in taste and authentic in aroma. They can either buy them from coffee traders or directly from roasters.

What is pre-ground coffee?

Pre-ground coffee is what we get to see in super markets available in jars and pouches. The coffee beans have already been cleaned, ground and packed in jars for the consumer to buy them and use them as is.

Benefits of whole bean coffee

The benefits of whole bean coffee include the following-

  • The aroma is completely preserved and there is minimal wastage due to the pre-ground coffee getting solidified due to the exposure to air.
  • You can grind the whole bean coffee to the perfect grind size with a coffee brewer.
  • You will have the complete power over your coffee’s flavour.

Benefits of ground coffee

The benefits of ground coffee include the following-

  • You can save time in grinding the coffee and you can use it immediately after buying the jar from the supermarket.

Whole beans vs. pre-round coffee explained

If you ask any coffee connoisseur, they would ask you to go for whole beans compared to pre-ground coffee. It is convenient if the coffee is already powdered and comes in a bottle or sachet; however, most of the coffee lovers look for their speciality coffee beans online in a whole bean format.

  1. Whole bean coffee is fresh when you ground it at home. The aroma of the coffee will fill the entire kitchen and will linger in your nostrils for hours together. However, pre-ground coffee might be stale if it is not stored properly. Since pre-ground speciality coffee loses its aroma within 20-30 minutes of grinding, the one which you receive in the jar will have only a portion of the natural freshness.
  2. Your grind size has to pair with your coffee brewer and you can make other kinds of coffee like pour over coffee or home espresso. Ideally you should grind your beans just before your brew, to preserve all the fresh flavors. However, with pre-ground coffee, you don’t even have the option of making it the right size for a different brewer.
  3. By changing the grind size you can change your coffee’s flavor with whole beans. However, with pre-ground coffee, you are stuck with the same flavor.
  4. You can buy whole-ground coffee in smaller batches such as a week’s worth of whole beans at a time.

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