More than 90% people in the US eat pizza and order it at least once a month. Despite its Italian origins, Pizza is America’s favorite item for takeaways. Well, pizza comes in all shapes and sizes, and a restaurant in Italy offers the most expensive pizza in the world for $12,000. Not everyone can travel that far, and most people like some of the classic choices that are found on the menu of every other pizzeria. We have enlisted the five popular choices you need to try while looking for pizza delivery near me.

  • Margherita: Probably the most common and affordable choice of all, Margherita is typically a thin-crust pizza that has loads of fresh mozzarella with tomato sauce. Some pizzerias do add some seasoning of basil, but that’s about it. If you are not a fan of fancy toppings, Margherita can be a go-to pick at any restaurant, and you can hardly go wrong with it.

  • Do you know that pepperoni is the most preferred and popular topping in the US? Pepperoni works well on its own with cheese, but if you want to spice it up a bit, ask for extra toppings, preferably olive and mushrooms. Some people simply like pepperoni with onions.
  • Here’s the thing – Hawaiian pizza was invented by a man who was from Greece and had an eatery in Canada. The biggest aspect of Hawaiian pizza is the mix of pineapple and ham, with loads of cheese. It has a sweet texture to it because of pineapple, but the ham keeps the spice content high too.
  • Meat-lover’s pizza. Now the name is iconic, but most pizzerias prefer adding their own versions. In essence, Meat-lover’s pizza contains all kinds of toppings, right from pepperoni and sausage to meatballs and barbeque chicken. The pizza contains a good amount of meats, and hence the name.

  • Australian pizza. Okay, you may not find this as a standard choice in the US, but Australian pizza is all about eggs and cheese. Most pizzerias in Australia also use a whole range of unique seafood items, including prawns and salmon. If you have an appetite for unique pizzas, check for restaurants that have more choice in toppings.

Now that you have a list, go ahead and experiment with your pizzas. You can always add and try new toppings, so your orders can be different each time. Check now for pizzerias that accept orders online.