Environmentally friendly, aesthetic, multifunctional, practical, different sizes and shapes — disposable ice cream cups are famous for catering, in shops, catering establishments, in food production, where people prepare cold desserts. The cups can be plastic or paper, but in any case, this is a budget version of the usual dishes, which does not lose to them. The main advantages of packaging are accessibility and practicality. It is profitable to buy custom ice cream cups to reduce the cost of ice cream and effectively advertise the company.

Quality production

The production of containers for desserts is carried out in compliance with sanitary and hygienic standards. All containers are made of plastic or high-quality paper. Other advantages:

  • Environmentally-friendly production, excluding the presence of glue and toxins;
  • Cups are convenient for establishments where there is a takeaway ice cream service.
  • Such packaging is an effective advertisement, which provides a stylish design and the possibility of applying a logo.
  • Packaging reliability. The manufacturer offers containers that are resistant to deformation and damage.
  • Reasonable price.

Modern technologies for packaging production allow the production of cups of various shapes, designs, and colors. As for advertising, the brand logo applied to the surface of the container will be remembered by the consumer and will also positively affect the enterprise’s image and profit.

Valuable paper cups

The fact that cardboard packaging is recyclable deserves special attention. In particular, paper cups for ice cream are disposed of or recycled. Consequently, it is possible to preserve the wood needed to produce food cardboard significantly.

Disposable paper cups are created from cellulose, the primary natural material for biomass production. An environmentally friendly natural organic fertilizer is made from it, suitable for any soil. Therefore, paper cups will not harm the environment. On the contrary, they will become a natural fertilizer for the earth.

Beautiful design

The colorful ice cream cups are made of high-quality solid paper, durable, eco-friendly, and food safe. In addition, they are equipped with a stable PLA coating that prevents leakage at the edges and bottom, even at high temperatures. Colorful fruit motifs ensure that ice cream is enjoyed to the fullest. They are liked not only by children but furthermore by adult connoisseurs.

Ordering custom-designed ice cream cups are the best chance to promote your brand and make it more visible. With such a striking design, customers will always be able to come back for delicious ice cream, as they will remember the taste of sweetness and a great design that remains a vivid memory.

Only eco-friendly products

With eco-friendly carton ice cream, no one should feel guilty about enjoying delicious ice cream in the summer. Thanks to the polylactic acid (PLA) coating, they can be easily composted. This bioplastic contains no harmful ingredients and can be completely biodegradable.

Plastic is produced in unique fermentation plants where microorganisms convert carbohydrates such as sugar and starch into lactic acid. The plant fibers used in production come exclusively from sustainable agriculture.