A foodie’s worst nightmare is the weighing scale. And when you face the weighing scale’s wrath right after a night of sinfuleating from the New year’s party, you could not feel worse. The battle between your love for food and your desire to be fit leaves you in such turmoil; either you give up the treats or give up a toned body? Luckily, you can munch on some toothsome delights, as long as they are healthy and intelligently made.

A great way to promote healthy and delicious meals is through the art of cooking. All you need to do is pick your ingredients, get some nice sausages, a multigrain bread perhaps, choose your mode of cooking and monitor the taste!

You can also scour through some quick and easy recipes from the internet. However,in case the plethora of recipes available online leave you perplexed, we are here to help you out!

Try out some drool-worthy yet healthy snacks that can make your New Year Party a hit.

Green salad drizzled with nice sauces

All you need is some lemon, Caesar dressing, and chopped veggies (Add some almonds and blueberries as well to amp-up the taste!) to make your own moist salad at home. This easy to make salad can be served as a starter at your New Party. We suggest you to stay away from the norm of serving spring rolls or other unhealthy stuff at the new year bash. Serving these refreshing dishes will definitely work out in your favor.


If you think serving salad isn’t enough for a party starter, we suggest serving bread rolls as an alternate option. You can make this with whatever filling you want; you can enjoy them with periperi hummus, iceberg lettuce, low fat mayo, etc. It is better if you make the rolls and let them freeze overnight. All you need to do in the morning is take them out and fry them when the party begins. To keep things on the healthier side, roll them up in multigrain or Oats and Flax bread. Not only is it nutritious but also add to the aesthetics and flavor of the dish.

Falafel Peta burger

The main ingredient of this burger is meaty garbanzo beans, which is a great source of Vitamin B6.  It is a great immunity and metabolism booster. Nothing can be better than a homemade falafel. You can also add some fiber to the burger to make it healthier and tastier.

Portobello mushroomsSandwiches

All you need to do is fill up the bread slices with freshly cut veggies, low fat mayo, and toast it. Portobello mushrooms are steak for vegetarians. The combination of corn, peas, and garlic is a treat to the taste buds. Drizzle some olive oil to have an exquisite taste. This recipe is zero fat. It is a healthy and light burger.  You can also prepare appetizing grilled salami and cheese sandwich with much ease.

Lentil and Smoked Cheddar burger/ sandwich  

This burger/sandwich embeds carrots, lentils, smoked cheddar cheese that gives it an irresistible taste. This burger will make you and your guests full and satisfied, without compromising on health and taste both, as it contains a good amount of immune-boosting beta-carotene and vitamin A.

Prepare such handy and delicious appetizers for your party and steer away from the standard recipes repeated every year. Create a lasting impression on your guests as you host the most happening party in your circle.