Spices and herbs play an important role in food preparation. While spices enhance the flavor of food, they are also known to provide nutritional benefits. However, with the wide variety of spices available in the market today, it has become difficult to find ones with authentic taste and flavor. The quality of spices has diminished over the years and this can be attributed to adulteration. Finding unadulterated, fresh spices seems like an arduous task when the market is flooded with brands claiming to sell only the best quality spices.

For those who are wondering whether there is a way to find chemical-free, healthy spices, organic food products is your answer. Most of us go to the supermarket and buy spices without being bothered about their real contents. Regular spices contain chemicals and artificial preservatives which greatly reduce the nutritional value. Organic spices are naturally sourced with no pesticides, insecticides or agricultural chemicals used during farming. This article will walk you through the top benefits of consuming organic spices over regular spices.

Reasons to Buy Organic Spices 

While regular and organic spices may look more or less similar, the differences lie in the health benefits provided by organic spices. If you are wondering whether it’s worth buying organic spices, the following reasons will convince you to make the switch.

  1. Organic Spices are Free from Pesticides 

Organic vegetables, fruits and spices are all free from pesticide overdose. Pesticides form an essential part of the cultivation process in conventional farming methods. The traces of chemicals absorbed by the plant can be found in the final product as well. Organic spices however are cultivated with natural manure and compost. The final product you buy is pure, fresh, natural and devoid of any harmful chemicals. The nutritional benefits of the spice are therefore retained.

  1. They don’t contain Preservatives

Regular spices are treated with preservatives and chemicals to get rid of the microbes and enhance shelf life. They are subjected to the sterilization process before they hit the market which is linked to various health risks. Organic spices are grown, packaged and sold without the use of chemicals and preservatives at any stage. Since there are no artificial colors added, organic spices may have less shine and color compared to regular spices. The same applies for organic leafy vegetables and fruits. Fruits and vegetables with a shiny look and feel indicate the presence of chemicals.

  1. There are no Anti-Clumping Agents

Anti-clumping agents are usually added to spices to avoid lumps. Sodium aluminosilicate, sodium ferrocyanide, calcium silicate and silicon dioxide are some of the chemicals used as anti-clumping agents. These are however extremely harmful for health. Organic products such as organic spices, organic tea and organic coffee on the other hand are packaged in such a way that they stay fresh naturally.

  1. They Provide better Nutrition

Organic spices provide better nutrition as they are not subjected to excessive processing. All the nutrients are lost when the spices go through different stages of processing and packing. Consuming organic spices ensures that the body derives maximum nutritional benefits.

  1. Organic Spices can Strengthen the Immune System

Spices like turmeric, cumin and black pepper are known to strengthen the immune system. But regular spices have a low nutritional profile, thanks to the processing methods they undergo. Organic spices are full of natural nutrients that boost immunity and prepare the body to fight several ailments.

  1. They are more Flavorful 

Organic spices are more flavorful compared to regular spices. They contain natural flavors which enhance the taste of the food. Organic spices, when used even in small quantities, can help obtain the desired taste.

Wrapping up

The reasons discussed above prove that it pays to be more prudent of what you buy. Organic spices have a host of benefits as they are produced using natural methods. Though a large majority of people buy conventional spices, most of them are unaware of the health risks associated with consuming heavily processed spices. Organic spices, besides enhancing the taste, will gradually improve overall health. It boosts metabolism, prevents diseases and improves immunity. If you wish to cut down chemicals from your daily diet and move towards a healthy lifestyle, going organic is the way.

You can buy organic rice, organic exotic vegetables, seasonal fruits, organic honey, organic cheese, organic seeds and even organic cold pressed oils to entirely curb chemicals from your kitchen. They are eco-friendly as the farming methods don’t deteriorate the quality of soil which naturally leads to better quality yields. So the next time you enter a supermarket, make sure to buy organic herbs and spices!